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Globally focused and Christ-centered, Wisdom Matters is a community of both Christ-followers and those seeking a relationship with Jesus Christ. We’re a family of friends on a journey together.

Servant leaders, called to make disciples, compelled by Love. Wisdom Matters is intentionally serving others through various outreach missions as our service unto God.

Support Wisdom Matters by giving cheerfully to the ministry as we support local, national and global need-initiatives as well as the ministry mission development.


Wisdom Matters with the Jeffersons (WMJ) has been teaching and administering life changing experiences through the Word of God for years. WMJ is the true meaning of rightly dividing the word of truth. As servant-leaders, we’re grateful for their consistency. As a para-church ministry of Emmanuel Temple Church (ETC), I am happy not only to call them my brother and sister(by blood) but co-laboring brother and sister to our church family of ETC, the nation and the world.

Pastor Eric V. Jefferson
Emmanuel Temple Church
Columbia, MD

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